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What connects Bydgoszcz with Dubrovnik, Stockholm or Cape Town? The 18th meridian east runs through these cities. Its exceptionality consists in the fact that it helped cartographers draw flat maps.

The easiest way to find the 18th Meridian is to go to the Ratuszowy Hotel (37 Długa Street), where a plaque with its designation was mounted on the initiative of the 18th Meridian Association. We can find more traces of the Meridian in the Old Market Square, in the proximity of the Fight and Martyrdom Monument; then it runs to Marszałka Focha, E. Warmińskiego, Sienkiewicza, and Wileńska Streets, and further to the Bocianowo district. The best idea to search for it is with the use of GPS. We also recommend visiting the places commemorating the run of the mysterious “Eighteenth” Meridian, including the Globe at the plinth near the White Granary on Mill Island (it was believed that the meridian runs also through Mill Island) and an obelisk with a ball and image of a ship on Municipal Lock No. 2.

Tip: When searching for the 18th Meridian, it’s worth trying to play the popular geocaching and find the hidden “treasure”. More information regarding this topic can be found at
www. g e o c a c h i n g. com (Search of 18th meridian).

escape room Everybody can find something interesting in Bydgoszcz for themselves. The city is incredibly varied. Older as well as younger tourists can not complain for lack of attractions. Also, Escape Room fans will not be disappointed.  In Bydgoszcz, you can find a few secretful rooms with various difficulty levels.

Taste some masterful coffee | Audun

The masterful coffee of Audun Sørbotten is roasted in Bydgoszcz. While in Bydgoszcz you should try it in a local coffee house.

Bydgoszcz – the pieces of the city

The photography exhibition “Bydgoszcz – the pieces of the city” is presented in granaries at Grodzka Street. It takes viewers back to the times very distant from modern era. Inventing of photography, that took place in the 19th c., at the beginning

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