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The Regional Brewhouse opened its doors on April 29, 2011. The restaurant was created with a desire to revive the idea of ​​brewing, which in our city is nearly 600 years old.

    In addition to brewed beer, we also offer a wide range of wines from the S & S Selekcjonerzy Wina store, where you will discover the secrets of this drink under the supervision of Sommelier.

    Our restaurant offers a wide range of dishes ranging from appetizers to beer and wine, and Indian cuisine. However, we would like to not only offer food.

    Our goal is to go further and that is why we organize events that we hope will be permanently hosted in the calendar of events of our city. Last year, we organized a Midsummer Night together with a contest for the most beautiful wreath, as well as the Bydgoski Beer Festival. As a restaurant, we also took part in the nationwide campaign "Gęsina na Św. Marcin ', during which we served our guests with new delights prepared from this delicious and undoubtedly healthy meat. This action met with great interest, as a result of which these dishes permanently appeared in our menu.


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