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Czyżkówko Lock

Czyżkówko Lock


The Czyzkówko and Okole
Locks were built at the time of the Bydgoszcz Canal renovation,
located on a new 2-km-long excavation from 1908–1915,
replacing the former 5 sluices on the Old Bydgoszcz Canal. Their
task was to eliminate the over 15 m di erence of levels. The
Czyzkówko Lock raises us by 7.52 m within nearly 30 minutes,
while the Okole Lock by 7.58 m within about 20 minutes. Both
locks are made of concrete with brick facing. Their characteristic
feature is their unique saving reservoirs which reduce the amount
of water needed for the sluice to operate by a multiple re-usage
of the same water. This is a huge advantage for the operations
of the Bydgoszcz Canal, which is permanently short of water. The
steel valve and the bottom auxiliary sluice gates are electrically
operated yet, in case of failure, it can be done manually. During
World War II the new canal navigation was discontinued due to
the destruction of the Czyzkówko Lock. In order not to cancel
ship tra c, the Old Canal was reopened for the duration of the
new canal reconstruction. In the 1960s, the Okole Lock was the
lming site for the massively popular TV series Czterej pancerni
i pies [Four Tank-Men and a Dog]. The most spectacular was the
scene of blowing up Sluice No. 3 by one of the heroes of the lm
with a Panzerfaust.
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