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Archer Lady, Bydgoszcz

In mid-October, 1910, the statue of  the Archer (pol. “Łuczniczka”) was unveiled.

The city’s merchants, bankers, seamstresses, bakers, bricklayers, young and old women and men all came to witness this historical moment. It is believed it was Aronsohn himself who pulled the veil. He was the founder of the statue and paid 7,5 thousand marks to have it delivered to the Bydgoszcz. Everyone marvelled at the statue yet no one knew who the marble beauty was. Some said it was Aronsohn’s  friend wo worked as a supernumerary in a theatre. Others claimed it was Aronsohn’s daughter. The answer remained unknown….who knows, maybe it was just a model from Berlin hired by the sculptor?

Other legends:

The Legend of a tresure on the Mill Island

The Legend of Angelika

The Legend of Master Twardowski

The Legend of the executioner

The Legend of Węgliszek the Fiend


Nicolaus Copernicus sculpture is the main element of the square. The square is exceptional owing to its natural stone ellipses, on which individual planets orbit. Their system is emphasised with plantings of blooming plants and tulips of the new variety called Nicolaus Copernicus. A solitaire tree – a green ash named Nicolaus has been planted in the square as well.

fot. R.Sawicki

The combined dance of light, water and music. Next to the Music District, only 10 min walk from the old town. Fountain has electronically controlled nozzles that move to the music. The ‘Water– Light–Sound’ multimedia shows take place in summer time


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